Michigan Wheel

Inboard Propellers

  • Michigan Props

  • Federal Probs

  • Commercial Props

  • HyTorq Props

  • Hale MRI Inspection Equipment

  • Aqualube Bearings

Outboard Propellers

  • Vortex XHS Props

  • Michigan Match Props

  • Ballistic XHS Props

  • Apollo XHS Props

  • Ambush Props


  • Rudders

  • Struts


  • Controllable Pitch Thruster (Model TCT)

  • Fixed Pitch Thruster (Model TFN)

Aqualube Water Lubricated Bearings

The Aqualube bearing line, well established by the Michigan Wheel Europe and Michigan Wheel MEAA (Middle East, Africa, Asia) divisions, is now available in the Americas.‚Äč