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Littelfuse manufactures the broadest
and most innovative selection of fuses 
to serve nearly every possible application.


Fuse Blocks & Accessories

Enable easy fuse installation and replacement
with our comprehensive line of fuse blocks,
fuse holders, and fuse accessories for
automotive, electronic, and industrial applications.


Automotive Sensors

Littelfuse offers an extensive portfolio of Automotive Sensors that includes a wide range of automotive and commercial vehicle products designed to monitor the passenger compartment occupants and environment.


Magnetic Sensors & Reed Switches

Littelfuse is a global leader in providing magnetic sensing solutions.  Our selection of magnetic sensors includes reed switches, reed sensors, Hall Effect sensors, and reed relays, as well as bare and packaged magnetic actuators.​​


Battery Management

Littelfuse battery management devices provide various methods of conserving starting power, protecting against over-discharge, combining power from two battery banks, and protecting auxiliary equipment such as liftgate motors.​



The electrical and electronic switches section includes all kinds of manually-operated, foot-operated, and mechanically-operated switches; and switches operated by temperature or pressure. See RELAYS section for remotely-operated switches.

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